Our Chapter History

Eleven founding members formed the Sacramento Chapter in the fall of 1994 as the 55th Chapter of National Charity League, Inc. Our founding President, Robin Maloof and her daughter, had been members of another chapter in Southern California and wanted to continue their NCL Inc. experience when they moved to Sacramento. Unfortunately, the closest NCL, Inc. chapter was in the East Bay. There was no other option but to start a chapter in Sacramento. It was through her efforts and the commitment of the founding members that the Sacramento Chapter was formed and thrived.

The first philanthropy event supported by chapter members was the Walk for Juvenile Diabetes that occurred that fall after we were formed with 13 Patroness members and 13 Ticktockers, which was a majority of our membership at that time. By the fall of 1995, we had grown to a membership of 118 with 56 Patronesses and 62 Ticktockers.

Having reached all of the milestones needed for affiliation with NCL, Inc., we received our Charter at the NCL, Inc. Convention in 1997.

Past Presidents

Stacey Snyder, 2018-2019

Kellie Randle, 2017-2018

Julie Laskin, 2016-2017

Mandy Stathos-Latzen, 2015-2016

Laura Wiley, 2014-2015

Susan Bitar, 2013-2014

Sheryl Burns, 2011-2013

Pam Elmets, 2010-2011

Wendy Ridderbusch, 2009-2010

Valerie Vento Johnson 2008-2009

Sue Crosby, 2006-2008

Rhea Brunner, 2005-2006

Shirley Rosenbloom, 2003-2005

Susan Poirier, 2001-2005

Carlin Naif, 2000-2001

Sally Nichols, 1998-2000

Theresa Stamey, 1996-1998

Robin Maloof & Theresa Stamey, 1995-1996

Robin Maloof, 1994-1995

Sacramento Leadership

20-21 President Elect-Melissa Warren, 19-20 President-Nicole Baer, 18-19 Outgoing President-Stacey Snyder, 17-18 Past President-Kellie Randle & 16-17 Past President Julie Laskin

NCL first year 2

Robin Maloof, Janet Bollinger, Kathy Anapolsky

The First Board of Directors

President: Robin Maloof
VP Membership: Janet Bollinger
VP Activities: Kathy Anapolsky
VP Ticktockers: Penne Setzer
VP Philanthropy: Marilee Bellotti
Corresponding Secretary: Sally Nichols
Parliamentarian: Theresa Stamey