The NCL, Inc. Member Commitment

Regular Meeting Attendance

Mandatory League Events

League and Philanthropic Service Hours

Our Annual Events

Mother Daughter Tea

Philanthropy Fair

Year End Event

Spring Training

Grade Level Planning Meeting

A Great NCL Inc. Member:

  • Will make membership in NCL Inc. a priority for herself and her daughter(s).
  • Is a “team player” and will accept the decision of the majority.
  • Is able and willing to be a role model for all members.
  • She is willing and able to actively participate in the operation and/or administration of her Chapter by holding leadership positions each year, as Chapter needs dictate. Each year the Provisional will hold a job and have committee responsibilities.
  • Understands the importance of all three pillars of NCL, Inc.—philanthropic, leadership and cultural.
  • Understands and is willing to commit the time to fulfill the specific attendance, job/committee, philanthropic, league and committee obligations of her NCL Inc. Chapter.
  • Recognizes the importance of a positive attitude, professional communication and constructive problem solving in all NCL Inc. matters.
  • Focuses on the philosophical ideals of NCL Inc., rather than any associated prestige or status.
  • Fully understands and is willing to meet the financial obligations associated with NCL Inc., membership.
  • Makes an extra effort to become acquainted with all Chapter members.
  • Understands that by virtue of being a member of a local Chapter, she is affiliated with a National federated system, which requires adherence to National standards and policies at all times and mandates belief in the core values of National Charity League, Inc.